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Masquerade (2020)

Designing with Machine “Masquerade” is a design project based on machine learning whose final goal is as simple as bizarre: reimagine the aesthetic of facial masks, nowadays crucial objects of our daily life, in order to obtain new shapes, designs and colour schemes that could give a totally different look to these common accessories.

We trained the machine with more than 900 images with white background, starting from the usual blue disposable mask all the way to the gas ones, helmets and so on and the results were surprising. The AI combined all these kinds of masks and tried to find similar patterns between each other, trying to find a red common line. The target of these unusual experiments was the fashion field, where even now, a lot of strange and weird-looking masks are used as a fashion accessory, so the challenge was to make an actual 3D model of an AI-generated mask and apply the final results on the faces of real catwalk models. In addition, the project focused his attention on colour patterns and generated textures to explore deeper the possibilities of Machine Learning.

In collaboration with Simone Di Mauro

Professor: Matteo Loglio

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